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Top 9 iPad in-Car Solutions

We've added another one to our list below! A buddy of mine sent this last night, an iPad integration in a Maserati. This was executed by a shop in Turkey. The install included modifying a dock connector to charge AND do A/V output. See more pics here.

iPad in car - Maserati

1. Hotspot in Car - new Audi A8—Well, you knew it was only a matter of time. And it shouldn't be a surprise that Audi will be leading the way. Seems lately they can do no wrong! The carmaker recently announced that the 2011 Audi A8 would be the first car in the world to offer an optional factory-installed WLAN hotspot for wireless Internet access. You'll be able to access the Internet through the car’s integrated WLAN module and via UMTS, using up to eight terminal devices, including Apple iPads of course. WPA2 encryption provides the necessary security for the transfer of data.

To activate Internet access with speeds up to 7.2 Mbit/s, you'll only need to insert a data-capable SIM card into the Bluetooth online car phone. Alternatively, an Internet connection can be established via Bluetooth by using a compatible mobile phone with a SIM Access Profile. Communication with the Internet takes place through the rooftop antenna of the Audi A8 via the car’s own UMTS module. This enables connection stability.

Audi A8 Wifi

A factory solution for WiFi and in-car iPad use is sweet, but the A8 is not exactly the most affordable car, and it's a lot of money to pay for automotive Internet! And while it's a type of in-car iPad solution, something that will help to maximize the functionality of your device, it's not an integration solution. So if you can't afford a new Audi, and don't need a hotspot, but have to have iPad in the car, especially in some integrated fashion, then see some options below. They range from simple mounting devices to full integration with electronic and audio connectivity.

2. Motorized Integration—Our top choice for custom iPad integration by the man they call "Fish". He may charge you the equivalent value of a case of some expensive caviar to customize a solution like this for your vehicle, but if you have the money it would well be worth it to be able to push a button and have a panel motorize open to insert an iPad—well, at least for us, as we dig motorization (a little too much perhaps). Once it's in there it's pretty much locked in. It looks cool, functions well and is a safe way to secure your iPad.

3. Recessed Dash Integration—Give the Sound Man credit for being the first to integrate and connect an iPad to a car (and the audio system). We understand he served as consultant for Fish on the Expedition. This may be more rudimentary compared to the example above, but it looks and works great.

4. Scosche Dash Mounting Kit—Not many people have the time or money for a high-end solution. For the rest of us there's Scosche's iPad docking system. Easy connectivity and very secure! And quite affordable.

5. Flushed Dash Integration in Smart Car—We like the overall system and install as much as the specific integration of the iPad. We're not exactly fans of the Smart Car, but all the custom work really elevates this ride. And having the type of iPad solution in the dash really makes it, well, "smart".

6. Slide Mount in Maxima—Another Sound Man iPad solution (in a Nissan Maxima). Doesn't look that secure but aesthetically very cool and relatively easy to execute.

7. Swivel Mount—This is a Pontiac G8 with a mounted iPad with Rev2. OK, we admit, this was a little more about how he's using the device in the car than how it's integrated. But as far as solutions go, this is that in more ways than one.

8. Custom Housing—A very different take on the theme here in a Range Rover. We like the way it looks and it's well-placed for viewing and ease of reach.

9. Windshield Mounting Device—We wouldn't call the xMount a "top solution", but after seeing some other videos on YouTube, we have to say it's not that bad by comparison! In states like Minnesota and California, however, you wouldn't be able to use this legally (since you can't mount anything on the windshield). Let's say we added this with some reservation.

"Don't Try this at Home!"

We thought for sure this was a joke, but after looking at the video again and then the website, we couldn't find a hint of actual levity or parody—although it IS funny. It seems implausible but looks like they're trying to be legit. But hopefully we're simply not getting their humor!

Sometimes you get what you pay for.

We really don't like Velcro.

If you have video responses to these, post them in the comments below.

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