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Have problems playback H.264 HD in MKV?

[b]Have problems playback H.264 HD in MKV?[/b] [br] Here some solutions that might help ;) [br]  [br] We often use the latest x264 to encode our release, and [br] in the recent version of x264, it has [url=]Weighted P-frame prediction[/url] [br] enable which is compiled with H.264 standard. [br] But few decoders or players don't support it or have BUG, for example CoreAVC, [br] if you are using one of those you may have a problem. [br]  [br] So... [br]  [br] [u][b]On Windows platform[/b][/u] [br]  [br] [url=]Media Player Classic Home Cinema[/url] is your best choice. ;) [br] Free and can play nearly almost anything you throw at it Off the box. [br] If you like to try the latest SVN compiled; [url=]it's here[/url]. [br]  [br] And it has [url=]DXVA Support H.264, VC-1[/url] (in brief, decoding via Hardware) [br] which is for anyone who have a slow PC this may be a BIG help. ;) [br]  [br] You're not ready to upgrade your slow PC but have PCI express slot available, [br] you can opt on ATi HD 3000+ series or Nvidia 8000+ graphic card [br] (or ATi 4000+ or Nvidia 9000+ it's your choice ;) ) and enable DXVA [br] in MPC-hc internal filter. Now you may be able to play even FullHD 1080p, [br] ...but... [br] The file you play must have a DXVA compatible stream which up to [br] the person who encode it to make it DXVA compatible. :( you can do [br] nothing about that unless you re-encode it yourself. [br] [br] So what about the incompatible file (present artifacts or green screen)? [br] You don't have many choices. It's either disable MPC-hc H.264 DXVA internal filter [br] and use non DXVA one or ffdshow tryouts. [br]  [br] [url=]ffdshow tryouts[/url], it isn't the fastest, but always reliable. [br] It's often compiled with latest filter libraries, so it has much [br] less problems with any new encoders. Try it and enable H.264 decode [br] in video configuration. [br]  [br] Also you might need [url=]haali media splitter[/url]. [br]  [br]  [br] [u][b]On other platform[/b][/u] [br] You don't have many choices. [br] It's either [url=]VLC[/url] or [url=]MPlayer[/url] [br]  [br] Now you can enjoy your H.264 HD in MKV ;) [br] Have fun cruising.[br] [br] [br]

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