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one piece 424
"A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! Little East Blue in Danger!"
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;) Ok no hide just for this one

Due to [url=]--Failiar#1--[/url], bear with my LONG rant ;) 
Sorry for the people who got a corrupted zip file from DDL link on [url=]--#1--[/url].
(reason is on that thread as well)
And also for people among starting group on the torrent  which
should take only a couple hours at most to first finish download,
but it took hours instead. 
Without DDL as backup, my upload speed suck, ISP put big cap on it, so.. that's it.. 
Usually, we were gonna get some generous people who finish DDL and help on seeding, but not today :(
[anchor=moreinfo]Ok! Here the deal![/anchor]
The second DDL site I usually use "Nakido" is seem fine (but its speed is nothing to talk about)
And it has a nice feature for FREE Loaders like u guys (and myself)
It can resume on broken download which other DDL sites you must pay for it.
If you are not interested then have a nice day :) and hope to see ya again soon. 

But it's a PITA 'cuz you need to install its apps called "Nakido flag",
and use  on the web [url=]--Nakido download manager--[/url].
If any of you guys don't like this just skip the rest and have a nice day. 

I'm not sure that you need to be a Nakido's member or not
to use it but it doesn't hurt (much) to register, anyway, you can try.
Well there's no such thing as absolutely free stuff, right? ;) 

Something about Nakido flag (Genuine one from Nakido),
at any of the following, if you don't like it, just download as usual way 
- directly from web. 

It's gonna install itself as window service PITA#1 >:(
and automatic start with windows. 
I already check its process; it doesn't steal your sensitive info or any kind of that nasty stuff,
but it still need to connect to  some of Nakido servers with some identification,
you IP, browser, if you are a member also user name and kinda standard stuffs
to tell the server that to whom it connects to.
Of course I cannot 100% guarantee either. 

By itself, it will do some kind of P2P and may connect to other peer PITA#2
well you're familiar with P2P anyway right? Bittorrent. 

So.. What's the deal?
It's a service that set to automatic start, but you can change that :)
Just do as follow, on XP by the way - Vista and 7 google for change service startup 

Control panel->Administrative Tools->Services
on services window, looking for "Nakido"
if it's already start -> stop it.
Right click->properties and set startup type to "Manual".
These steps you need to do it yourself, but one time only.
Now it won't automatically start anymore. 

And anytime you want to use Nakido site feature that require Nakido flag 
you can start it manually and when you finish using it, just stop the service - PTIA#3 

Shoot..! There're so many steps. I dun wanna move other fingers
or  even my index finger that much, you may say. 

Well, OK Here's a helper. It's a VB scrip I wrote to start stop Nakido service with a couple mouse clicks.
I also use it myself of course. 
Some paranoid Antivirus may warn you, since it takes any script as suspicious virus.
It's just a script; you can open it with notepad and see for yourself what it's gonna do.
If you're ok with it just allow it to run. 

Now you can use this free DDL site with broken download resume-able. 
I should end my LONG rant here.

funimanTue Nov 24 2009 06:55:09 GMT+0700 (ICT)