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Hot Shoe Wireless Flash Trigger ตัวส่งสัญญาณแฟรชแบบไร้สาย


Hot Shoe Wireless Flash Trigger ตัวส่งสัญญาณแฟรชแบบไร้สาย

What's New in this YG PT-04 TM flash trigger ?

- More stable, No misfiring problem.
- Both transmitter and receiver are tested and confirmed to work with the largest number of flashes on the market.
- Longer working distance.
- Receiver uses 2 untis of AAA batteries, longer working hour, easier to buy.

Maximixing Possibility for Creative Lighting
- The transmitter should be attached on the hot shoe of the camera.
- The receiver should be attached to an external flash.
- Multiple receivers can be triggered by single transmitter.
- You can place the flashes at different angles and distances, with no cable attached.
- The receivers can be mounted on a tripod. The angle can be adjusted as well.
- Provide great flexibility for your lighting setup.

Compatible with
Canon SpeedLite 580EX II, 580EX, 550EX, 540EZ, 520EZ, 430EZ, 430EX, 420EX, 420EZ, 380EX
Nikon SpeedLite SB-800, SB-600, SB-28, SB-27, SB-26, SB-25, SB-24
Olympus FL-50R, FL-50, FL-36R, FL-36
Pentax AF-540 FGZ, AF-360 FGZ, AF-400 FT, AF-240 FT
Sigma EF-530 DG Super, EF-500 DG Super, EF-430
Sunpak Auto 2000DZ, 622 Pro, 433AF, 433D, 383, 355AF, 344D, 333D
Vivitar 285HV, DF-400MZ, DF-340MZ, 2700

4 Channels Available
- Strong anti-interference function to prevent misfiring.
- 4 channels available to prevent from jamming signals.
-Especially useful when there are other photographers working nearby.

Low Power Consumption, Safe for Cameras
- The transmitter automatically sleep when standby, thus lowering power consumption.
- The receiver can be switched off when not used.
- Low triggering voltage, Safe for Cameras.

- With its small size, you can bring it for outdoor use with hot shoe flash for creative lighting.

Transmitter Power: 23A 12V battery
Receiver Power: 2 X AAA Battery
Maximum Working Distance: 50m (open area, without interference)
Working Frequency: 433MHz

Packaged insided
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver

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