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[PC] Metal Gun 3: Shout of the arms [1 link/198mb] รับรองสนุก

[b]Metal Gun III[/b] - The unusual 2D fighting game, where heroes Weigh cuffs each other not only with hands and feet, but with pistols, submachine guns, bazookas and fall asleep various explosives. Rides his bike, the tank, turn into a helicopter and still unknown in that. This game is about how cool Schmahl of all trunks and obezbashenno worn on stage. The most important detail: each weapon gradually end the cartridges, forcing, you are recharged during the battle, if only there, in reserve store (recharge on a separate button). Among the characters in the game whom 11 Grab-heads - a robot - a transformer that can transform into a helicopter, Mr. X - a file with a gun twice as long as they grow up, soldier Jin-prone shelling, kibernindzya, saboteur with a laser sight on the gun, tank on tank, futuristic Eraser and other equally attractive personality.

[URL=http://filestrack.com/6tenunh0hzt2/www.gamehousevn.com_MG3_chatenchotao.rar.html]www.gamehousevn.com_MG3_chatenchotao.rar - 198.8 MB[/URL]

Pass: [code]www.gamehousevn.com[/code]


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