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[PC] Fatal/Fake เกมต่อสู้ญี่ปุ่นมันๆ

[PC] Fatal/Fake เกมต่อสู้ญี่ปุ่นมันๆ    

Fatal/Fake Fighting 3D Game
Company: Lights |Platform: Window PC game | Voice lang: Japanese | Text & Menu Lang: English | Size: 152 Mb
Genre: 3D Fighting game, History.

According to the story and catoon this game was released by Lights company with many action figting scenes in 3D but it not required a High PC configuration to play so that with a normal PC you can enjoy this game so far, for more information you will find it in system requirement. I find this game as interesting as Haruhi No Gekitou as it provides a quick yet challenging gameplay.. And the obvious reason is that these games only take up less than 100megabytes on your computer/laptop so no worries on hard disk space..

- 3D Fighting Doujin Game- it makes use of Cell Shading Effects and other SM 1.1 - 2.0 effects.
- The latest patch (V1.02) is included!
*** Installation TUT and Patch attached in file word.doc with Images explanation

System Required:
OS Windows98 Windows2000 or WindowsXP
CPU Pentinum4 1.7MHz
Memory: 512MB or higher
GraphicCard DirectX8.1
VRAM: 128 MB or Higher
HDD: 200MB
SoundCard: DirectX8.1



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