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Portable Tower Builder


[b][color=red]Portable Tower Builder[/color][/b]

Release: Mar 2011
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Bigfishgames
Language: Eng
Genre: PC games
Size: 58 MB

Help save a young Pebble that has fallen from the heavens! You will climb the mountains, cross the abysses and build up intricate constructions of stone. It all depends on your imagination in Tower Builder! Work your way over tricky obstacles and help the young Pebble make it back to his friends and family in this exciting Builder game!

[URL=http://www.imageporter.com/lsmcm2e7sy69/887084.jpg.html][IMG]http://img52.imageporter.com/i/00264/lsmcm2e7sy69_t.jpg[/img][/URL] [URL=http://www.imageporter.com/bc6rxf7d2ynr/887089.jpg.html][IMG]http://img52.imageporter.com/i/00264/bc6rxf7d2ynr_t.jpg[/img][/URL]

* Awesome gameplay
* Fantastic physics
* Build towers to the clouds!

System Requirements:
* OS: Windows XP/Vista
* CPU: 1.6 GHz
* RAM: 1024 MB
* DirectX: 9.0


Download : [url=http://adf.ly/wEJ1]http://adf.ly/wEJ1[/url]
mirror1 : [url=http://adf.ly/wEJ2]http://adf.ly/wEJ2[/url]

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