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Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing ทำฟาร์มปลา


[b][color=red]Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing[/color][/b]

Raise a variety of exotic fish and manufacture never-before-seen products in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing, an all-new Farm Frenzy title that's sure to please fans angling for excitement!
When Scarlett receives an island farm in recognition for her hard work on behalf of farmers around the world, she doesn't know her water locked patch of paradise contains a huge pond. Always ready for a challenge, Scarlett rolls up her sleeves and goes to work. Before long, she's upgrading her production facilities, fending off bears, and buying and selling goods across land and sea! Then, just as Scarlett is settling into a routine, she makes an amazing discovery that turns her world upside down...
Try the free trial version or download the full, unlimited version of Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing today!

Game Features:

• Six New Animals
• 90 All-New Levels
• All-New Endless Mode
• Over A Dozen New Buildings
• Over Two Dozen New Products

[URL=http://www.imageporter.com/gc0i7mmp5nit/farm-frenzy-gone-fishing-scr01.jpg.html][IMG]http://img51.imageporter.com/i/00264/gc0i7mmp5nit_t.jpg[/img][/URL] [URL=http://www.imageporter.com/tj4xud6rnj1v/farm-frenzy-gone-fishing-scr02.jpg.html][IMG]http://img51.imageporter.com/i/00264/tj4xud6rnj1v_t.jpg[/img][/URL]
[URL=http://www.imageporter.com/j47e4gfepzbs/farm-frenzy-gone-fishing-scr03.jpg.html][IMG]http://img51.imageporter.com/i/00264/j47e4gfepzbs_t.jpg[/img][/URL] [URL=http://www.imageporter.com/o9cbtvo3nayo/farm-frenzy-gone-fishing-scr04.jpg.html][IMG]http://img51.imageporter.com/i/00264/o9cbtvo3nayo_t.jpg[/img][/URL]

System Requirements:
• Windows XP, Vista or 7
• 800 MHz processor
• 1024 MB RAM
• DirectX 8.0 or later


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