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CyberLink PowerDVD10 + Crack (โปรแกรมดูหนังDVD พิเศษรองรับ3D/ Blu-ray Movies)

CyberLink PowerDVD 10 Mark II Ultra v 10.0.2325.51

PowerDVD is the consumer’s favorite Blu-ray / DVD playback software     ,      complemented by high- definition Dolby and DTS audio technologies. PowerDVD now converts 2D movies into 3D     ,      plays an extensive range of video formats including MKV     ,      FLV     ,      3GP     ,      and makes movies social by sharing bookmark reviews and live comments.

Experience PowerDVD - the best Blu-ray playback and DVD player software available today. CyberLink s most advanced movie and media player to date     ,      PowerDVD 10 delivers 3D and HD movies on the PC. PowerDVD 10 is a unique universal player that offers the best playback quality available. Whether it is 3D movie content     ,      captured home videos     ,      or your digital music files     ,      PowerDVD 10 lets you access them all from the same convenient player software     ,      enhancing your experience in all kinds of new ways.

No.1 Movie Experience on the PC - Upgrade Your Media Experience to 3D & HD:

• Immerse in brilliant Blu-ray 3D playback with CPU/GPU acceleration and lossless HD audio

• Convert DVDs and videos into a magical 3D experience

• Play an extensive range of video formats     ,      including MKV     ,      FLV     ,      3GP     ,      and more

• Make movies social by sharing bookmark reviews and live comments

Brilliant Blu-ray Movies          

Experience Blu-ray movies the way that only PowerDVD 10 can offer: simply unbeatable quality. Optimized for the latest hardware acceleration technologies from Intel     ,      NVIDIA and AMD     ,      PowerDVD ensures smoother movie performance. PowerDVD 10 launches your Blu-ray movies up to 4X faster too.

Blu-ray 3D Movies

Seeing is believing the kind of life-like imagery that Blu-ray 3D* can deliver     ,      and PowerDVD 10 brings it to life on your PC. Offering the best quality 3D movie experience possible     ,      PowerDVD is compatible with the full range of 3D hardware on the market     ,      including glasses     ,      graphics cards     ,      and monitors.

Upscale DVDs and Videos to HD

Enjoy better movie playback quality for both your DVDs and video files with TrueTheater&#8482  HD upscaling technology. DVD and media player PowerDVD 10 lets you output to an HDTV in a quality that looks noticeably sharper and clearer. Optimization for hardware acceleration ensures even smoother results.

Play DVDs in 3D

3D movie player PowerDVD 10 takes you to new heights of visual excellence for standard DVD content. Featuring advanced TrueTheater&#8482  3D technology     ,      PowerDVD converts 2D movies into a spectacular 3D experience. Optimize playback quality for your movie content and hardware.

Better Video Playback

With PowerDVD 10 home videos can be enhanced using TrueTheater&#8482  Stabilizer and TrueTheater&#8482  Noise Reduction to improve quality as you play. As a universal player     ,      PowerDVD now plays even more formats     ,      gives you access to online movie trailers via MoovieLive     ,      and lets you upload files to YouTube.

Home Theater Music

Supporting the latest music library features of Windows 7     ,      PowerDVD 10 makes it even easier to listen to music from the player you use to enjoy your movies. Create playlists of favorite tunes. Use TrueTheater&#8482  Surround technology to optimize your audio for home theater and PC hardware. Sounds great!

High Definition Audio

3D and HD movie player PowerDVD 10 lets your ears enjoy the ultimate movie experience too     ,      with support for high-definition audio formats from Dolby Digital and DTS. Support for HDMI 1.3a delivers the purity of lossless HD audio via a single convenient cable to your home theater system.

Movie Reviews and Live Comments

Create movie reviews that other users can read and play using PowerDVD 10. MovieMarks combine bookmarks and review comments and can be shared online via MoovieLive.com. Meanwhile     ,      Live Comments let you post your opinions to Facebook     ,      Twitter and MoovieLive while your movie is playing.

Supported formats for Blu-ray & DVD playback:

• Supports the latest video formats: MKV     ,      FLV     ,      3GP     ,      AVCHD and AVCREC

• Supports the latest audio formats: Dolby TrueHD     ,      Digtial EX     ,      Plus  DTS-HD

• Transform 2D into 3D

• Compatible with Windows 7


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