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Paragon Partition Manager Magic v10 - x86x64 [XP-Vista-7]

Paragon Partition  Manager v10 Server 2009 - x86/x64

TESTED on Windows  7 RTM x64. Plus of course, it works on desktops and laptops too!!

This Partition Manager does it all!!

This  is the latest and most advanced Partition  Manager on the market. This Baby does everything.
Basic  Partitioning: Create, format, delete or undelete partitions, set, change  or remove drive letters etc.

Advanced Partitioning: Repartition  hard disks without data loss, redistribute free space between  partitions, merge two partitions to one, enlarge NTFS partitions without  rebooting Windows or interrupting your work etc.
Latest OS and Media  Support _Enjoy full-fledged support for the 32bit and 64bit versions of  Windows, including the new Windows 7 and Server 2008, Vista and XP,  Blu-ray discs, the new GPT-formatted hard disks (used in Windows  7/Vista/Server 2008, Mac_ OS X and Linux) and the latest Linux-Kernel.
Easy  Hard Disk Migration _Automatically removes free space and  proportionally resizes partitions to eliminate additional configuration  and downtime costs.

Creation of Bootable Media -Create WinPE/Linux/DOS bootable media on a  USB flash drive for fast, reliable maintenance and recovery operations.
Improved  two level user interface. A refined user interface with two experience  levels (Easy/Advanced) will satisfy the needs of every customer.
Green  Advantage. Partition Manager is a valuable asset, because it helps keep  a server safe and secured in a short amount of time. With this added  protection from system disasters, you save time and money in maintaining  your IT infrastructure. Saving time and money translates in saving  energy as well.

Simple System Backups and Restoration- Fast and  easy backup creation to CDs, DVDs and even Blu-ray discs with the Simple  Backup Wizard. You can back up your system and data safely and easily  before performing critical partitioning operations.

With the help  of the Recovery CD you can use Partition Manager to access your files  even when your machine cannot boot. Restore your system and data from  previously created backup archives to minimize downtimes when your  system fails.[/size][/b]




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