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โปรแกรมกลอง Addictive Drums Full No Crack ตัวเต็ม

Addictive Drums  Full No Crack  ตัวเต็ม


Addictive Drums - it's ready to reel studio. In Addictive Drums you will find everything to create professional drum parts. Very flexible, quick and easy to use program. Comes with an extensive library of drums and cymbals recorded in a professional studio with great caution. Included in the total complexity eight drum sets and a large number of plates from the leading manufacturers in the world.

Year: 2010
Version: 1.5.2
Developer: XLN Audio
Platform: Win | Mac
Language: English

System requirements:
Pentium IV / Athlon 2GHz, Windows XP/Vista/7
G5/Intel, MacOS X 10.4 or higher
1 GB of RAM, 5 GB of free space, the program host / sequencer

The program includes:
Addictive Drums v1.5.2 (VSTi / RTAS)
ADPaks: Retro / Modern Jazz-Sticks/Modern Jazz-Brushes/Funk
MIDIPaks: Metal / Punk Rock / Ballad Grooves / Sloppy Grooves / Hip-Hop / Retro Songs
More: Sonor Designer Snare / Woofer Wonderland / Community Pack / Reverbio 's 3 Pack

06.12.2010 | Version updated to 1.5.2, added Hip-Hop MIDI Pak, Retro Songs MIDI Pak & Sonor Designer Snare

- Is not Standalone Application, is required for program host / sequencer.
- May not be compatible with 64-bit systems.

8 drum kits:
Sonor Designer, DW Collectors, Tama Starclassic, Black Oyster Vintage, Blue Oyster Vintage, Vistalite, Premier Gen-X, Pearl Reference

Compressor, EQ, Distortion, Tape Saturation, Filter, Limiter, Reverb

260 Presets:
Clean, Distorted, Electronica, LoFi, PopRock, Rock, Soft, Vintage, Xperimental, Clean Kits, Heavy Rock, Modern, Motown,
PopRock, RetroMenta, Roomy, Low, Sweep, Tight, Natural w Comp, Effected

5300 MIDI files:
4 / 4 Straight & Swing, 3 / 4 Straight & Swing, 6 / 8 Straight & Swing, Bundles (Blues, Jazz, Funk, etc.), Songs (Rock, Disco, Reggae, etc), 60s Rock Grooves, Heavy Rock Grooves, Motown Beats, Motown Swing Beats, Rock'n'Roll Grooves, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Classic Jazz, Contemp Jazz, Modern Jazz, Funk


6lqh  4.52 GB
[url=http://6lqh.com/87gw3nmxzfp1/xladtfull.part01.rar.html]!!!!!!!!DOWNLOAD PART1. 201 MB!!!!!!!![/url]
[url=http://6lqh.com/vpsqro9zloxu/xladtfull.part02.rar.html]!!!!!!!!DOWNLOAD PART2. 201 MB!!!!!!!![/url]
[url=http://6lqh.com/l4rt17qcjthu/xladtfull.part03.rar.html]!!!!!!!!DOWNLOAD PART3. 201 MB!!!!!!!![/url]
[url=http://6lqh.com/sx7gl4wmu6ng/xladtfull.part04.rar.html]!!!!!!!!DOWNLOAD PART4. 201 MB!!!!!!!![/url]
[url=http://6lqh.com/pj2nx964pwhg/xladtfull.part05.rar.html]!!!!!!!!DOWNLOAD PART5. 201 MB!!!!!!!![/url]
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