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Hacker's Toolbox 2010

Hacker's Toolbox 2010 | 31.3MB

Hacker Toolbox consists of the latest hacking tools. A profusion of hacking, cracking, phreaking tools & files will familiarize you with how hackers break into your machine and steal your information. You can also learn hacking techniques from a good collection of source codes for virus and tools, instructional documentation, tutorials and much more. You can act like a master hacker to customize your own program with the editors and executable file tools.

Categories: Backdoor, Crack tool, Disassembler, DoS tool, Document, E-mail tool, Editor, Encryption & decryption tool, Executable file tool, Icq tool, Keylogger, MISC, Packet forging, Phreak tool, Scanner, Sniffer, Snoop tool, Source code, Spoof, Virus.

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