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WinMend Data Recovery 1.3.9


WinMend Data Recovery 1.3.9 | 7.8 MB

WinMend Data Recovery is a Windows-based data recovery application.
It recovers data on FAT12/ FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/NTFS5 partitions in Windows
operating systems. It can be used to scan partitions in various hard drives,
removable drives and even in data cards, and to search and recover deleted or
missing files, files lost during formatting or due to partition exceptions.
With unique recovery algorithm, WinMend Data Recovery can significantly
improve the accuracy and speed of scanning, and ensure everything done in
an absolutely safe condition without any negative impact on the system.
Supports Language: English, Czech, Hungarian.

1. Quick Scan
With this safe and high-speed scan engine, you can quickly locate and recover most deleted files.

2. Full Scan
In case Quick Scan fails, you can go through Full Scan, which will never miss a single chance to find
missing files. Full Scan may take longer. However, with our unique engine, its speed and
reliability are still significantly higher than its peers. (Full Scan is strongly
recommended for formatted partitions.)

3. Unformat a Drive
If you lost your files due to the formatting of a drive, you can recover them with our Unformat a
Drive function. Unformat a Drive helps you easily look for the lost files on the formatted
drives and get them back with a few simple clicks!

4. Safe File Recovery
WinMend Data Recovery always ensures safe operations while recovering files. It never overwrites
any current files. For those files that are not deleted but inaccessible because they are locked
by the operating system or other applications, WinMend Data Recovery recovers and saves them to
other partitions. Keep in mind, all operations are safe, and your current files will not
be damaged or overwritten.


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