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WinASO Registry Optimizer แก้ไขปัญหาทั้งหมดที่ผิดพลาดของรีจิสทรี ที่ทำให้เครื่อง


WinASO Registry Optimizer v4.7.0 Cracked-ErES | 7 MB

WinASO Registry Optimizer - Make your computer as fast as new. WinASO Registry Optimizer is the No. 1 registry optimizer rated by CNET editor. It has won 5-star Editor's rating on in 5 consecutive years. In addition to the registry optimizing function, WinASO Registry Optimizer also has a number of built-in tools such as "Privacy Cleaner", "System Optimizer", "Registry Defrag", "Start-up Manager", "IE Manager", "Uninstall Manager", and more, so that you do NOT need to pay extra money to buy such software.

Over these years, WinASO Registry Optimizer has been proved by users all over the world to be 100% safe. It never lets you down!

Advanced scanning algorithm that scans the entire registry in seconds
Comprehensive error report listing registry errors in 20 categories
Allows user to sort the error report according to 10 different attributes
Powerful registry fixer that quickly fixes all registry problems with just a simple click
Provides more freedom by allowing user to select items to fix
Scan history records and traces generated by Windows, IE, Firefox, Flash Player, Media Player, and more other applications
One-click to clean up all the Windows or internet temporary files, cookies, cache, URL, account and password etc.
Protect your privacy. With Privacy Cleaner, your personal information will not be left behind in the computer you used
Boost system speed and improve PC performance
Automatically end hung applications
Enable UDMA66 support
Optimize Internet connection
Force Windows to Unload DLLs from Memory
Speed up Windows refresh
Speed up browsing remote computers
Speed up loading internet explorer pages
Speed up the menu show delay
Boost up the Windows prefetcher service
Quickly identify and clean up redundant shortcuts that point to non-existent or invalid files
Quickly analyze your registry
Automatically backup, defragment, compact and optimize your registry with a powerful defragmenting algorithm
Instantly detect and list all the programs that run at system startup
Allow you to easily edit, disable, enable or delete the startup programs
Clearly list all the installed programs on your computer
Allow you to quickly remove any unwanted programs to free-up disk space and improve system efficiency


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