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แผ่นรวมโปรแกรมจำเป็นสำหรับนักซ่อมคอมขนาด Mini-CD

This is the newest version of Utility CD. That is designed to fit on an 8cm 210MB CDR/W. It is Bootable and there is a DOS Menu that includes ERD Commander and mutiple other utilities. There is also a Windows Menu with over 90 utilities on it.

ERD commander


Drive Image

Norton Ghost

Partition Magic

Boot Magic

Ontrack Easy Recovery Pro

Winternals Disk Commander

Paragon Boot Corrector

HWiNFO - Hardware Info Tool

PCI - PCI Card Info Tool

AIDA - Sysinfo Tool 2

GoldMemory - Memory Diagnostic Tests


NTFS Dos Pro.

Volkov Commander - With NTFS Pro

Lost & Found

Active Uneraser

Norton Disk Editor

HDD Regenerator

Norton Disk Doctor



Ontrack Data Advisor

Active Partition Recovery



SeaTools Desktop Edition

Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools

Maxtor PowerMax

Fujitsu ATA HDD Diagnostic Tool

Samsung HDD Utility

IBM-Hitachi Drive Fitness Test


Dos with USB, SCSI or Interlink support

USB Support...

Load USB Drivers With EMM386

Load USB Drivers NO EMM386

SCSI Support...

Load SCSI Drivers With EMM386

Load SCSI Drivers NO EMM386

InterLnk support...

InterLnk support at COM1

InterLnk support at LPT1

Dos (15Mb Ram Drive)

Dos (No CD)

Dos (No Emm386)

Dos (No SmartDrv)



1. McAfee Avert Stinger

2. McAfee Anti-Virus

3. McAfee AV on C:

4. SuperAntiSpyware

5. X-Ray PC

6. Hijack This

7. CWS Shredder

8. Diagnose Windows

9. RegRun

10. AutoRuns

11. Process Manager

12. Service Manager

13. MultiMon

14. Norton Windoctor

15. Registry Optimizer

16. Registry Supreme

17. RegCleaner

18. Registry WorkShop

19. Everest Sysinfo

20. NetInfo

21. Disk Recon

22. WinAudit

23. Unknown Devices

24. Windows Update List

25. Replacer

26. Mboot

27. Modem Test

28. Network Stumbler

29. TweakMaster

30. Norton Disk Doctor

31. HDTune

32. DefragNT

33. Defragmenter Pro Plus

34. Page Defrag

35. Wipe It

36. Small CD Writer

37. Final Data Enterprise

38. BadCopy Pro

39. Unstoppable Copier

40. Floppy Image [Various Images on CD]

41. Norton Ghost Explorer

42. V2i Image Restore

43. Expand For Windows

44. X-Setup Pro

45. FreshUI


47. BackRex

48. Application Mover

49. WinDriver Ghost

50. Your Uninstaller

51. Driver Cleaner

52. Installer Cleaner

53. Disk Cleaner

54. OffByOne Internet Browser

55. SYS Exporter

56. PW Microsoft Office

57. PW WinRAR

58. PW WinZip


60. IPW Toolbox

61. PW SAMInside

62. Proactive System Password Recovery

63. Zip Repair

64. Excel Repair

65. Outlook Express Repair

66. Word Repair

67. Outlook Recovery

68. AccessEnum

69. XP Security Console

70. MJ’s Help Diag

71. MM View

72. Popcorn

73. Register Controls

74. Active X Helper

75. ShellEx View

76. MSIFix

77. AutoPlay Fix

78. XP Taskbar Repair

79. XP Toolbar Repair

80. XP Fix logon

81. Tiny HEXER

82. WinSock Fix

83. WinLogin Remove

84. ExPcFix

85. OfficeINS


87. PDF Reader

88. UnCHK

89. WinRAR

90. System Restore

New In Version 20.40 - 17 Sep 2009:

Updated WinRAR on the Windows Menu and the ERD Commander Desktop to v3.90.

Updated AutoRuns on the Windows Menu to v9.53.

Updated FileTypesMan on the Windows Menu to v1.45.

Updated ShellExView on the Windows Menu to v1.41.

Updated USBDeview on the Windows Menu to v1.42.

Updated WirelessNetView on the Windows Menu to v1.25.

Updated CurrPorts on the Windows Menu to v1.66.

Updated Unstopable Copier on the Windows Menu to v4.20.

Updated ShellMenuView on the Windows Menu to v1.11.

Updated IBM-Hitachi Drive Fitness Test on the DOS Menu to v.4.15.

Updated FreshUI on the Windows Menu to v8.40.

Updated Vista Manager on the Windows Menu to v3.0.5.

Updated PC Decrapifier on the Windows Menu to v2.0.3.

Removed Media Tools from the DOS Menu.



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