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Cisco Network Magic Pro 5.5.9195[Full][กุญแจ]


Having trouble connecting your devices together and to the Internet or printing from any computer?

With Network Magic Pro 5.5 ,  you can skip the tech support phone calls ,  online forums and expensive on-site consultants. Network Magic Pro provides do-it-yourself tools to help you set up ,  manage and secure your network like an IT professional.
With point-and-click ease ,  you can:

 * Connect your devices together in minutes
 * Share Internet connections ,  printers and files
 * Protect your network with enhanced WPA security capabilities and status s
 * Repair your network and Internet connections to stay online and productive
 * Control access to the Internet and track online activity with remote desktop screenshots

Key Features

   Easy to Use- No IT Expertise Needed

   Perform tasks from centralized location
   An enhanced interface plus new in-product wizards streamline networking tasks ,  taking the guesswork and effort out of getting connected ,  monitoring activity and repairing your network

   Connect to the network

   Add a Device
   Easily connects all of the devices you use in your daily life  computers ,  printers ,  cameras and game consoles to your wireless or broadband network

   Go Wireless
   "Go Wireless" helps you connect your computers and devices to a secure network

   NAS Support
   Connect Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices to your network ,  allowing you to easily back up your data

   Share Folders & Printers

   Share Printers and Files
   Eliminate the need to email yourself to get access to files or print documents from different computers

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