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Sexy girl gets nailed by her boss

Claire wobbled a little as her knees buckled, I looked up at her and said, lets go in the other room. We went into the den and she sat on the couch. I began kissing her and running my hands all over her body, when I got to those panties, I grabbed the waistband and pulled them to her ankles and removed them from her legs, she relaxed and spread her legs slightly and I began to lick the side of her pussy, first up one side then down the other until I had licked every inch of her cunt, and tasted that beautiful flavor that I had only had tasted before on her fingers. I put my hands under her knees and lifted she let me push them open and her magnificent cunt was open and I dove my tongue deep and my nose nestled against her clit, and I ate and ate her sweet pussy, she moaned and groaned and squealed as I worked her pussy over.

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