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Wild mature babe gets pounded by large ebony dick

I couldn't believe what I saw! "Oh my God it's incredible, it's huge." I reached out and grabbed it but my hand didn't even come close to wrapping around it and was completely dwarfed by his cock. I started to stroke it and I pulled him on the bed with me and now had 2 hands on it jerking it while being on my knees with my face only inches from the head.

"What do you think honey? Do you want some of that? Honey? Hello? Anybody home? LISA?"

"Oh my god, it's so big. Mike, I don't think it will fit."

"It will fit honey, get him hard and let's see you ride it."

"I'm trying but it not getting hard. James, what's the matter?"

"Lisa, I'm a bit nervous, if you suck it I'm sure that will do it."

"Oh what the fuck, I'm going to let you fuck me, what's the difference if I blow you first. Let's get ready for when I get you hard so I can ride you." I stopped jerking him off and took off my panties. "James while I suck you, eat me pussy, I'm real nervous too and I'm dry, you'll rip my pussy open unless I get lubed up. When you're hard enough to penetrate me, take the KY and lube up my pussy. I'll put the condom on you and lube you up and then I'll ride as much of you as I can."

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