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Sexy girl getting fucked by bunch of bikers

"Next!" I exclaimed. "Who wants their cock sucked?" Anyone want a tit job? I need some good old fashion fucking. Anyone have a cock that can satisfy me?"

Fabio moved from eating me, to sticking his cock in my face so I could suck him. Some old bald guy named Bill grabbed my ass and started fucking my pussy. I could feel the crack of the broken slate against my ass as he pounded my pussy. With each thrust the pool table would pinch me. The small nip of pain added to my excitement and made my pussy wet.

After a few minutes of hard fucking and ball licking, the old man got off. The problem with the pool table is the size. It is not a great venue for group sex. Before the next guy could take Bill's place I got up and instructed Fabio to lay down on the floor. I wanted his cock.

I mounted Fabio on the floor of the bar, and said, "Next!" To let the guys know my mouth was now open for business. The boys gathered 'round for their blowjob. I did not disappoint anyone. I was taking more balls to the face than Mike Piazza.

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