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Two cute babes gets banged by lucky guy

Sandy drops her drink and climbs out of the water and takes a position on her knees at Jim’s feet. He grabs her hair and ruffles it around as she reaches up and opens his pants. Not wearing any underwear, as the buttons pop, his semi-hard cock flops out onto her waiting tongue.

"What a nice cock," Sandy says around it, taking it into her mouth and pulling on it, then sliding it down her throat until her nose was in his dark hair.

"You like when I flex it like that?" Jim moans.

Gwen grabs his cock with one hand and kneads his balls with the other, as Sandy continues to suck it all the way down her throat, and then out to the tip, and then back. Before long, Gwen pulls it out of her friend’s mouth and into her own, licking the head and slapping it off her open mouth and tongue. Jim throws off his shirt and steps out of his shoes, as Sandy pulls his cock away from Gwen and begins to suck on it as deep as she can again.

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