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Stunning widow gets pounded by her boss

Tom took my hesitation the wrong way, thinking I was done. It sounded like I had answered him affirmatively. He leaned in closer to me, pressing his lips to mine. I was shocked, confused, and also realized that his kiss felt good. I returned his kiss. We broke off after a bit, then he took my head in his hands and kissed me again, harder.

My lips parted as his tongue pushed its way into my mouth. I was enjoying this. He was a great kisser, plus I had grown so very fond of him. Maybe more than fond. I felt my tongue find its way into Tom's mouth without my realizing I was doing it. I was turned on, and enjoying this a lot. My hand went to Tom's shirt, feeling his firm, hard, chest. Tom was a well-built man. There was a gym in our building which Tom used every day. A former college athlete, physical fitness was still a priority of his, and it showed.

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