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Two foxy bimbos sucking cock at barbecue

I had decided that the music must be on a continuous loop, because it was not stopping. Derek was now kissing my lips gently as he twirled me round slowly, treating his guests to a nice view of my panty covered behind. A part of me knew that I should be trying to put a stop to this, but my feelings of lust and excitement were too strong. I parted my lips and admitted his searching tongue as I let my hands roam up and down his strong back. Derek seemed to take this as an acceptance of his amorous advances and, keeping the skirt of my dress firmly bunched above my bottom with one hand, he began to slide the straps of the halter top off my shoulders with the other. The thoughts were racing through my head: was I going to let this gorgeous man undress me like this, in public? Was he going to expose my boobs for all to see?

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